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Alexandria Body Sugaring: We offer hair removal for all parts of your body and face. Sugaring is an all natural hair removal process which is less painful and much better for your skin.

Ear Candling: Ear candling is a safe way to remove excess buildup in the ear canal and help improve your normal balance. It's just like it sounds; A paraffin or beeswax candle is lit on one end and the other end is gently put in the opening of the ear. The smoke filters down and works like a vacuum to extract yeast and wax buildup. It feels great and is totally painless.


Price List

Sugaring Hair Removal

Eyebrows $15
Lip $10
Chin $10
Cheeks $15
Full Face $25
Underarms $15
Full Arm $25
Partial Arm $15
Bikini $25
Brazilian $40
Full Back $45
Full Back/Shoulders $50
Full Legs $50
Partial Legs $25
Full Legs/Bikini $55
Ear Candling $30

So what is the difference between a bikini and a brazilian?

A standard bikini wax cleans up the hair on the sides and top of the bikini line and goes down the inner thigh (anything that may stick out of a classic bikini). The Brazilian removes all the hair, front to back, leaving whatever the client wants. Typically clients either request, a small strip of hair (landing strip) or a small triangle. Some clients prefer to go "all the way."

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